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I wish – Version 1.3

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I wish – Version 1.3

If you could have only one wish… what would you ask for?.
“I wish” is a story that follows a group of friends that are granted each one wish.
The only problem is that they had no idea that it was actually going to come true.
You will decide what path will each of them take after their wishes came true.
You will also help them to face the troubles that comes with such a power.
Developer notes:
Hey everyone,
Just so there will be no confusion…
– this is not a sandbox game. there will occasionally be some sandbox elements,
to keep the player interactive with the game .
– There is NTR in the game, but all NTR content will be avoidable.​
Release number 4.
After adding the player stats screen that you can access from the quick menu I added notifications that let’s you know when you get a relationship point with every girl and when does every girl gets a lust point.
Story progresses a little.
Agents Sanchez and Lee event.
Pool event.
Hailey and Billie/Darren event.
Kayley third cam show with Billie/Adam event.
To avoid bugs, please use only with saves from version 1.2 and above or with a fresh start of the game.
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