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Synthetic Love - Version 1.0

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Synthetic Love - Version 1.0

Release date: 25 January 2018 Tags: Erotic Adventure, Interactive, Quest game, Sex, Sim, Visual novel Censorship: No Developer / Publisher: Kexboy Language : English File size: 234 MB аbout: Main character is a scientist who has invented a way to increase sexual desire and sensitivity in women. There is a side effect though – short-term memory loss. In other words, a person who has taken the medicine enjoys vivid sexual sensations but then cannot remember what has happened. The main character tries to get rid of this side effect. He works in his mansion with a lab up in the mountains. There are three girls there with him: a lab assistant, a housemaid and a gardener. He carries out experiments on them: gives various versions of the medicine to the girls and has sex with them trying to find out which one wont erase their memories. But something went wrong
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